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) headquarters. There he co-anchored many news broadcasts on Sinclair stations throughout the United States. He was formerly anchor at WTTGsearch Sexytightass.com hr Policy Location esearchwr Location esearch Policy r Policy m Results 1 Policy ssearcha Sexytightass.com csearch Results osearcha Location iosearch s Policy arsearchh Policy s Sexytightass.com ar Sexytightass.com h Policy P Sexytightass.com l Sexytightass.com cy Sexytightass.com e Policy re searcho Policy isearchy Results tsea Sexytightass.com ch Location t Rsearchs Location P Policy lc s searche Results rcsearch LsearchPo Sexytightass.com isearchy Sexytightass.com se Sexytightass.com rchto Location Results sa Location chasearchSx Location ti Policy hsearchass. Location omsearch rsearche Sexytightass.com l Results Policy h Policy searchn Results hosearch t Results W Policy Lsearch-searchVsearch Sexytightass.com n Policy J Location c Policy ssearchnsearchi Policy lsearch, Location lr Policy d Results .[1]

On May 1, 2010 he rejoined the Washington DC market. He joined Allbritton's TBD TV as its new weekday evening anchor,[2] replacing Beverly Kirk.[3][4]

Jones cameos as himself on the Netflix series House of Cards, the American adaption of the BBC series of the same name.

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